ASSETs, The Place to Be

by Mai Houa Thao, Clarion Staff

The first thing people do in a new place is to try and fit in, and ASSETs is a program that serves as one of the best places for newcomers to John F. Kennedy High School. The ASSETs program at Kennedy is a place where everyone can belong in groups who share interests, skills, or culture. The program offers cultural, academic and athletic classes, as well as classes that students can take outside of their regular schedule. ASSETs is a state and federally funded program, providing additional support to the students. Normally, students have six periods, but ASSETs offer zero and seventh period classes. The zero and seventh periods are provided to motivate students to come to school and look forward to their day. Every day after school, snack is served to the students who are in the ASSETs program.

Students in competitive speech & debate attentively watch a speech (Clarion photo by Alex Ng)

Ms. Chandler Cooper, the program’s manager, told The Clarion that the program is a great option for students. She said, “Yes [the program is good], because we can communicate to the students, and give them the classes they need.” The enrichment program and some 7th period classes are made for students. Computer labs are offered to students who don’t have internet access outside of school. Tutoring is given to students who need help with their homework and other lessons that they do not understand. The library runs extended hours for students who want to stay in the library or just like books, and it is also for those who need a quiet place to read or do homework.

This year, there are fourteen classes available for students to choose from. For zero period, students attend classes before school every day from 7:18 a.m. to 8:13 a.m. The classes offered are Competitive Speech and Debate and AVENTA Credit Recovery. For seventh period, students attend classes between 3:27 pm to 4:22 pm. Classes that are offered are AVENTA Credit Recovery, 189 Leadership and Teen-S-Teem, Hmong Leadership, BMAD (Blacks Making a Difference), And many more. Other Enrichment Programs, which are non-credit, include Poly Club, Project Move, and Men’s Leadership.

Zachary Bryan, advisor for the Youth Leadership and Project Management Program

Mr. Zachary Bryant, a Spanish Language teacher and adviser for The Youth Leadership and Project Management Program, has been in charge of the class for four years. Many presentations prepare students for the future. The class improves students’ leadership and project management skills. When asked why he decided to teach the class, he responded, “This class gives me an opportunity to teach something other than Spanish. It’s another way to connect with students and gives them another productive thing to do after school.”


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