Teachers Must Teach to Students’ Learning Styles

By Makayla Smith, Clarion Staff

There are a lot of pressures that come along with a student’s education. It could be the large amount of homework or tests that prove the students have understood what they’ve been taught, or it could be their teacher’s methods.

Teachers play a vital role in the development of young people because not only do they teach students but they must inspire them to learn at the same time.   Most teachers use methods in their classroom that should help the student comprehend what they are learning better. Some teachers allow students to look at the visual aspect of what’s being taught and break the content down thoroughly while other teachers provide students with presentations while the teacher is lecturing them and the students take notes. Although these methods are suitable for some subjects, the connection between the teacher and students isn’t always present.

Instead of lecturing the students on certain subjects, teachers should also demonstrate visually so a student can easily interpret what the teacher is saying and can fully understand. Whether it’s mathematics, history, or any other subject providing a clear outlook on what is being taught can help the student.


At times, some students have difficulty with keeping up with the teacher’s material. Students who have individual problems with fast-paced teaching in the classroom cannot really grasp what the teacher is trying to say quickly. The student can become confused and really affect their performance in a classroom.

As a student, I think combining varieties of teaching methods will test the student’s ability to learn what is being taught.   Certain methods that are used by teachers can affect the student’s performance within the classroom. It’s one way to tell if the student is really learning what is being taught.



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