Student Journalists Visit Capital Public Radio

The monthly Sacramento Student Journalism Network meeting was held February 9 in the Capital Public Radio building near Sacramento State University.

Students from the Kennedy Clarion journalism class attend these regular meetings held mostly at The Sacramento Bee.   This gathering was unlike the others because it was held in a broadcasting site and Joe Barr, Chief Content Officer of Capital Public Radio was the host.   Despite his lofty position, he was generous with his time and spoke with the 20+ students and also provided a tour of the building and inner works.

We saw many impressive and interesting things during our tour including the music library filled with CD’s, recording booths, outdoor garden, and the green room for visiting guests who were scheduled to go on the air.   We also met the news team and saw some of them transition from their workstations to live broadcasting in studio.

Before departing the building, we discovered there was an employee shower located in the offices which surprised some of us.

Photos by Matiana Tepa and Natassia Aleman-Teweles


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