Wet But Not So Wild Juniors Attend Prom

By Aryanna Zavala and Katie Albert

On wet Saturday, March 4, 2017, a majority of students from the class of 2018 attended Junior Prom at The Center on 2300 Sierra Blvd in Sacramento.  The theme this year was Moonlight Serenade.

As Student Government was setting up for the special night, students were getting ready. Most, if not all of the girls who were attending prom, began getting ready early in the morning. Some even woke up at 6am to begin getting ready and barely finished doing their hair and makeup before they had to leave to take pictures. Many juniors made time to take pictures with their closest friends to capture the memorable night before going out to dinner.

Prom started promptly at 7:00 pm and the festivities began almost immediately after that time. When students first walked in the door, they were asked to vote for Prom King & Queen and Princess & Prince. Ryan Tomlinson and Victoria Matsuura won Prom King and Queen, while Jake Takeda and Kai Osako won Prince and Princess. Once the students voted for prom royalty, they were allowed inside the venue and went to claim a table for themselves. In addition to professional photos that were taken at the venue, a free photo booth was also provided so students could take fun pictures with their friends.

Due to a small of amount of students dancing, the DJ decided to play Mexican music, which resulted in many of the Latinos running out to the dance floor, taking their friends with them and having fun.

The dance ended at midnight and for some, midnight could not come soon enough, but others were dreading the night ending. Junior Prom was definitely a night to remember, whether the students enjoyed it or not.

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