ASSETS Leadership Class

By Cynthia Dominguez, Clarion Staff

As high school students become young adults and prepare to enter the adult world, some lack the necessary skills to prosper. In effort to help these students, classes like the ASSETS Leadership class are taught. The class, taught by Kennedy Spanish teacher Zachary Bryant, focuses on group projects and interactions with Kennedy students of ages to aid in developing students’ skills in leadership and teamwork. Along with learning these skills, students are encouraged to learn techniques to deal with bullies, how to plan and execute projects, and how they can play an important role in our community.

The class extends the Common Curriculum by inviting guest speakers as often as possible and working with outside instructors, such as Mike McCarthy, to improve and create a dynamic classroom atmosphere. Events integrated into the class structure, such as a weekly Friday Night Live, bring more of a lively class with aid from the Sacramento County Office of Education. With the help of Jackie Herrera, Friday Night Live allows for the ASSETS Leadership class to encourage positive peer influence and discourage teen drinking and drug use. All of these efforts to broaden the sphere of instruction allow for an open atmosphere for positive interactions among students without an overbearing tone of seriousness.

Mr. Bryant, the instructor of the ASSETS leadership, stepped in taking the place of the former instructor, Mr. Tafoya. Throughout the course of the class, Bryant has witnessed the benefit of the class and the resultant bonding among participating students. Although noting the slight inconvenience with the class being a seventh period and competing with students’ other after school commitments, the class provides a positive and constructive environment for student growth on the Kennedy campus.


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