Mr. Lee, The New Drama Teacher

By Marsiana Pound, Clarion Staff

During the first semester, Kennedy’s drama class struggled to find a suitable teacher for the class. However, students enrolled in the class received welcome news that Kennedy English teacher Donald Lee would lead drama beginning Monday, January 30th, the first day of the 3rd quarter. Lee only taught English before but now teaches both classes. Though Lee has a passion for drama, he still enjoys being an English teacher; his own English teacher was his inspiration.

Photo by Valentina Duong

Lee said, “I had one great teacher, Mr. Pratt. He was an English teacher and he always told me the truth, straight up, even when it wasn’t pleasant.”  Lee also admitted that he frequently ditched all of his classes in school, except for drama and English.

“Teaching English helps students gain skills they need to express themselves. With drama I feel I can help students find out who they really are,” Lee explained. He makes students feel right at home.

Although Lee’s rise to the position of drama teacher was great news for the class, everything came all of a sudden for him. He recalled, “I wanted to teach drama, but I had no idea it would happen so quickly! It has been a little overwhelming!”

Being drama teacher has had quite an effect on Lee and will continue to affect his life in the future. “I’m hoping to complete my masters’ degree over the next three years in Oregon in order to become a better drama teacher. I want to dedicate myself to creating a great program here at Kennedy.”

Lee assured students that he will do everything in his power to continue as drama teacher, “Teachers sometimes don’t get to choose what they teach, but I’m planning on being the drama teacher here at Kennedy for as long as they need me!”

Some enrolled in drama seek to pursue careers in film or theater, and those students are thrilled that they have such a wonderful teacher. Students in the drama class enjoy it and encourage others to join as well. “You should try it. It’s so much fun. It really helps you break out of your shell and get to know things about people you didn’t know. This could be the start of a new age for drama,” said Nina Jones, freshman, 1st period drama class.

The class holds high opinions of him. “He makes everything fun and he makes you feel like you can be yourself,” said freshman Nina Jones, who is in drama 1St period.

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