Students Motivating Students on Campus

By: Makayla Smith, Clarion Staff


In high school there may be many pressures that students may deal with on a daily basis.  Those range from the long nights doing homework to the family problems that occur outside school. In addition, students begin to focus on what they want to pursue as a career after high school, which adds long-term stress to more immediate concerns.

Being so overwhelmed will prevent you from doing things you would want to do personally. Without motivation, you can get caught in the cycle of always being stressed about the expectations high school heaps on each of us.  Self-motivation isn’t always enough for people to continue to work hard. Many people doubt themselves, believing they can’t handle everything when things become difficult. Students in this state-of-mind need support from others to keep going, and it makes them feels better to know that someone else understands them.

Today, one sees students on campus that looked drained, as if they don’t have drive to do anything at all. They are like “robots” going through the day with the same routine and mentality.  Some students don’t give encouragement to other students because they don’t want to be intrusive or they don’t believe they need motivation.

At Kennedy, more students should come together and motivate others. We’re gaining more and more responsibilities every day, we need that moral support from our peers.  We all go through situations outside of school that challenge us and can prove to be difficult at times. It may be hard to handle many of these challenges but we should still continue to not only motivate ourselves, but motivate others.  You never know if somebody really needs it.


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