Featured Athlete: Kiana Lee

By Alex NgChief Photographer

The John F. Kennedy student body is proud to hold an amazing sports program that features many talented student athletes, who not only perform on the field, but off the field as well. Most notably, The Clarion wishes to recognize a student that has shown exemplary talent in softball, Kiana Lee, who has not only been admitted to UC Davis, but has been offered a scholarship for her skill as well.

Kiana received the UC Davis scholarship offer in early 2016 and exclaimed her delight, “It’s been my dream school since middle school.” Her reasons for wanting to attend UC Davis include wanting to stay close to home (although not too close) and Davis’ really nice coaching staff. Although many other universities such as Colgate, Monterey Bay, and Brown University reached out to Kiana, she ultimately decided on attending UC Davis this upcoming fall. She plans to major in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavioral Science. Although she is not completely sure what occupation she wishes to go into, she commented about her interest in becoming a Neurobiologist or a Physical Therapist.

Despite her current talent in softball, Kiana faced some difficulties earlier in her career. She was a lot smaller in her first year of high school, and she had just started improving on her hitting. “I stood out more this past year [2016].”

As a freshman, she said she rode the bench for majority of the season, and in her sophomore year she sought to try and play on the collegiate level. The transition proved to be tough, but she took the extra steps to hone her skill by practicing her swings outside her house on her free time, or running a mile before practice. Her drive to become stronger and faster gave way to a love for a balanced fitness regimen, fitting in any type of exercise possible while doing daily tasks. The work had paid off in the end, and she is excited for what the future may hold for her.

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