Let’s Dive In

By Breanna Thomas, Clarion Staff

The swim team has become more well-known at John F. Kennedy High School. The team has grown significantly over the past couple of years as the number of people involved is still surprising. Kennedy swimmers give much endurance and encouragement for their teammates who are competing, showing their enthusiastic support for each other and strength as a team. Joining the swim team is a great way to stay fit while meeting people with similar interests and hobbies.

John F. Kennedy represented us well against Florin High School by truly showing their passion and enthusiasm. “Our season has gone well. The swim team won their first league meet coincidently as the first league meet of the year,” approved Swim Coach Derek Perkins, who has been coaching swim for 16 years and two years at Kennedy.

With their hard work, the team also qualified for more positions in the sectional swim meet compared to last year. During the 200 medley relay, where each person swims a different stroke, the Kennedy boys took first place against Florin.

Jordan Selvin, a sophomore, took first place in 200 IM, where he swam all four strokes and the 50 freestyle. Some of the girls who won from Kennedy included Annie Santiago, a senior, who won in the 200 IM, and Jazmin Flemmer, another swimmer, who took first in the 50 freestyle.

Mr. Perkins stated, “We have been training hard and are excited for the last month of the season. They did an excellent job giving pointers on what other teammates need to work on, and how to keep their forms perfect to improve their other techniques.” He added, “Being on deck with coaching is a good day.”

Some members of the swim team shared the reasons they joined swim. Kennedy junior Eulia Keomany shared that she wanted to try something new this year. This is her first year on the Kennedy swim team.

Kennedy sophomore Kyle Westman joined because all of his friends were interested in the sport. “Keep a good attitude and whatever you do, don’t worry about what anyone else says and do your personal best,” he assured.

Lastly, Mason Anderson, a freshman, revealed, “I choose this sport because it is less boring than track.”

All in all, the team looks forward to welcoming new teammates and what is in store for them in the future.


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