Farewell Starbucks

By Caeli Kara, Coughy Liquidator

Farewell to my joy, the coffee lover’s usual. Available on almost every street, and every corner, Starbucks, a worldwide coffee chain could be possibly shut down in America entirely. Of course the nation’s leader would be responsible for the liquidation of Starbucks.

It was Trump’s idea, as he threatened to close down all chains across the nation to gain more control over consumers in this country. “To get the haters in check,” Trump rationalized to take what they love the most with pen and paper.

Trump already planned on enforcing deportation, so taking away coffee instead of removing Americans was a great idea.   So, an idea was coffee. Because coffee is a drink that many people need to stay awake, Starbucks, the world’s most convenient and popular coffee chain was targeted.

Many people do not drink Starbucks, but the absence of coffee products could still possibly affect them. You could lose motivation to work and not have coffee to drink and stay focused.

Other coffee chains are accessible but Starbucks provides the most convenience for consumers. It could be a time for another coffee chain to shine.  But, will Trump accept that?

All Starbucks shops and merchandise would be banned at the border. According to the new measures in progress regarding the ban, all related Starbucks products and merchandise will be confiscated by government security authorities.   It may seem like a bit of a stretch but Trump believes that the nation will behave better in order to keep their favorite coffee chain?



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