In this Issue (March 31 & April 1)

By Topher Rong, Italian Noodle Expert

This issue, The Kennedy Clarion is proud to announce its new sponsorship, Claritin. With this, the newspaper will be rebranded as The Kennedy Claritin, which is fitting because a notable portion of the student body already confuses “Clarion” and “Claritin.” The newspaper will also feature a new slogan, “Loud and Claritin Clear.” We hope you read the April 1st edition and stay Claritin clear throughout allergy season.

The past two months have actually brought a media storm along with a rain storm. Students voiced their opinions on the issue. In the end, that is what this newspaper hopes to encourage. The Claritin is a means for student expression and voice, and we hope you take advantage of this to send in letters, requests for advice, and your own articles, artwork, and photos.

In light of senior auction, The Clarion received the opportunity to hold a press conference with Kennedy’s principal, Mr. Van Natten. The event gave our student journalists valuable experience in the world of reporting.

The next issue will be our last this year. We’d love to publish more frequently but lack the funding to do so. Nevertheless, we’re excited to increase the size of our paper next issue and bring even more content to the Kennedy community.

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