JFK Hide and Seek Team Finds Their First Victory in Forty-four Years

By A.A.Ron Soh-Liz, Sports Reporter Seeking Employment

It was the year 1973. There were seven seconds left on the clock. Kennedy athlete Oscar Robinson only had moments to find the last student from then rival school Luther Burbank before the final quarter. Robinson was sure he had checked everywhere in the campus. With only four seconds remaining, he closed his eyes, listened to the humming wind, and looked behind him. And there he was. The last Luther Burbank student, who was hiding in a tree, was finally found.
It was that moment when Robinson had just won the final match for Kennedy’s men’s hide and seek team. With the most valuable player trophy in his hands, Robinson stated to The Claritin, “This was a fantastic final game for me. I may not play on a team anymore, but I hope that this game lives on. Who knows? Maybe I’ll coach one day.”
Unbeknownst to Robinson, it would be the final game of hide and seek. To fans of the sport’s misfortune, after some players went missing after they fell asleep hiding in the recycle bin, which was collected during the game. The game was deemed too dangerous to continue the sport for the season. To make matters worse, preseason conditioning was reported to be too intense. In some cases, players were only given seven seconds to hide during scrimmages.

A number of school districts mutually agreed that after the spring of ’73, the sport would no longer be played. Since then, John F. Kennedy High School, or any other school, hasn’t had a hide and seek team.

Last week, however, Robinson finally revived the sport and it was played again for the first time in forty-four years.

The sport features newly revamped rules to keep players safe. No more than two team members are allowed to share a hiding spot, and all players are restricted to hiding within a 100ft radius. Traditionally, the team captain from the home team seeks first, and is not allowed to peek until everyone is hidden. Teams switch positions after every quarter. One quarter lasts 12 minutes.

The game played last week against the West Campus Warriors in JFK’s very own auditorium proved that bringing back the well-hidden sport was worthwhile. McClatchy was hard to beat and put in their best effort, but ultimately the Kennedy Cougars found victory. Kennedy player Jebediah Jones was able to remain hidden well after the match was over in the second half of the game, ensuring their first victory of the season.

“I don’t have a whole speech prepared or anything, other than to say that hiding in the speech podium proved to be effective. I used the handicap gate as a distraction and the McClatchy seeker was as lost as a dandelion fluff in a tornado,” Johnson explained to The Claritin.

The Kennedy Cougars will play an away rival game against the C.K. McClatchy Dandelions on Monday, April 3rd. Look out, McClatchy, because this team is seeking victory.


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