Lake Kennedy Monster Spotted During Heavy Rain

By So Flagman, Chief Ferret Wrangler

This past February, Sacramento experienced a continuation of severe rain for the first time in nearly 10 years.  Properties all over the city were damaged, with the most recent and devastating being the collapse of the Oroville dam. Other rare events such as the flooding of the Sacramento River and the formation of an EF0 tornado inflicted worry among residents as they witnessed weather that almost never occurs in Northern California.

Kennedy has also been experiencing its own rare event that is known to only ever take place during a downpour. Lake Kennedy, the massive puddle that forms in the quad, excited the community multiple times this school year. Because the ‘lake’ is merely regarded as a clogged drain that collects rainfall, no one ever thinks anything of it besides a muddy catastrophe. However, it has recently come to the attention of  two students that Lake Kennedy is not just an enormous puddle.

At the beginning of January, Kennedy senior Wright Momento claims that he witnessed something unexplainable. “I was taking part in a club activity so it was around 5:30 when I was on my way to the front of the school to get picked up by my grandma. I just walked out of the C building and I noticed that Lake Kennedy was bubbling.” Skarsgard states he only thought it was the drains clearing up, but thought better of it when he saw a dark shadow beneath the water. “I didn’t know what it was. I would have stayed to see what would happen but I knew my grandma was waiting.”

What Momento witnessed was only the beginning of something far more unusual. Mana Stirr, a sophomore at Kennedy, was the only other onlooker that saw the entire scene unravel. “I was going to my locker in the B wing but I didn’t notice the bubbling right away. It first caught my attention when I was on my way to the parking lot, and I saw it from the corner of my eye.” Stirr continued on by saying she felt something was going to come out. “The bubbling grew more intense as the minutes passed, and then there was a dark shadow right beneath the surface. I was really excited.” According to Stirr, after a few minutes of standing still and observing the situation, the shadow finally revealed itself. “I was honestly scared half to death. I was the only one around witnessing this strange thing, and I had to take a picture of it for proof.”

The photos Stirr took revealed the ‘thing’ in Lake Kennedy to look dangerously similar to the mythical Loch Ness Monster. Knightly says, “Of course when people hear about it they aren’t going to believe it. But I took a photo, and this is proof. Lake Kennedy is not what everyone thinks it is.” The ‘thing’ was reported to have gone back under the water several minutes later, but not before leaving behind evidence of a possibly historical event.

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