Speaking of a Change

By Jim Polca, Political Animal Control Expert

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, does a heavy workout every week with his P90x routine. He does his 90 day workout or a similar variation of it every opportunity he gets. He had to do a scaled down version during his bid to be vice president in the 2012 election.

Ryan has the job of proposing the GOP health care and assisting the president in other matters with legislation, which has been very exhausting for the policy wonk from Janesville, Wisconsin. He recently stated in an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd that these new pressures are making him have doubts about the ability to do his workout and maintain the speakership saying “it’s difficult to understand for many Americans.”

He has had to partake in not only several television interviews about the topics confronting the country, but spend more time in meetings at the Capitol to sell his plan which has taken time away from his workout schedule. Ryan had been pushing for the Republican Health Care law and other regulations to get their first draft such as the upcoming tax plan. Ryan is proposing to make the decision to cut ties with the P90x program for his remaining tenure as Speaker.

The family of the busy House of Representative member has been very supportive of the move. While not wanting to be mentioned by name, the family’s spokesmen Ian Jacks stated, “His wife and mom are in total support of the proposed move.” Ryan has expressed moving to a three-day- a-week workout with longer times on each of those days. The proposed move has also gotten a lot of support from his colleagues in Congress, however, there have also been many people around the country and in his home area that have been critical toward it.

Recently there have been calls to his Speaker office hotline about the nature of the subject. Jane Pronintyer (Pro-Ninty-er) called his office the other day stating, “Paul better not have changed the subject on his workout. We need our speaker to be fit and ready to go to work every single day, and this requires a good workout like the p90x program. I do the p90x myself and I think he is great for doing this program to keep in shape; to cancel would mean a severe loss of support from many of his constituents.” Pronintyer is not the only one to voice her concerns from Paul’s hometown area. In fact two recent polls show that Ryan is more popular, and he gains around forty percent of his voters due to his vigorous workout using the p90x program. The Speaker will have a fierce debate with his base during a town hall. Signs have already gone up around his congressional district telling him to keep P90x but the Speaker is not wavering on considering the change. Critics may force Ryan to maintain the popular P90x program for the sake of his political future.


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