Holiday of the Week: National Don’t Fry Day

By Adrianna Iorio, Clarion Staff

Hydrating himself in the hot sun, Kennedy football player Hopoate Koloamatangi, 10, takes a drink. Photo by Katalina Koloamatangi

Every year on the Friday before Memorial Day, an annual holiday stands to encourage sun safety awareness and protect people across America from the dangers of skin cancer. Today, Friday, May 26, is National Don’t Fry Day.

As Memorial Day approaches, the sunny summer months and outdoor activities arrive with it. The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention initiated this holiday to strongly encourage precautions people should take when in the sun. Most people are prone to a skin cancer called melanoma when overexposed to UV radiation. This form of cancer is serious, considering it can spread to other regions of the body and result in death.

The Melanoma Research Foundation however, provides tips people should take into consideration when enjoying the outdoors. The association recommends wearing sunscreen, seeking shade, and not burning or over tanning when enjoying your memorial day weekend.

Despite Mr. Fry thinking ‘National Don’t Fry Day’ was an anti-drug holiday, he also gave The Clarion some things students should take into consideration when in hot weather.

“As a very white, red headed man I would seriously recommend sunscreen, and I think the obvious one is drinking water. Not only when it is hot but before [any outdoor activities] because your body needs to hydrate.”

Check out the holiday’s website here.


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