Men’s Varsity Volleyball Team Are League Champs!

By Adrianna Iorio, Clarion Staff

Airborne player Andrew Johnson

With a successful start, but an even more successful ending, Kennedy’s Men’s Varsity Volleyball team finished the season with a perfect record and perfect illustration of hard work and determination.  Being undefeated in metro league with a score of 14-0 impressed everyone across the Kennedy campus, making Coach Jakira Rand proud to call the Cougars her team.

“Ending the Metro League with an undefeated record of 14-0, and becoming Metro League Champions feels amazing” Coach Rand says proudly. “This team worked hard, and they have earned every bit of success we have received this season.”

Aside from the successful plays the Men’s Varsity Volleyball team displayed on the court during metro season, the team participated in two invitational tournaments in preparation for a strong finish in league. After placing 3rd in the Granite Bay Invitational Tournament, and 1st place in the Silver Division at the Placerville Invitational Tournament, our Cougars proved they were a team to be taken seriously.  At these two tournaments, players Cameron Lutz and Andrew Johnson displayed fantastic playing ability on the court. Lutz was named MVP of the team at the Placerville Invitational Tournament and Johnson claimed the role of MVP at the Granite Bay Invitational Tournament.

Cameron Lutz has been participating on Kennedy’s volleyball team for four years, and feels no different after being named MVP.

“It is my goal every single game to not only win, but help each player succeed in their position and holding them accountable for their performance. This Placerville tournament wasn’t anything special but a MVP award is always nice,” Lutz explains. Despite this, Lutz feels the recognition pushed him harder in every remaining game because it meant a higher expectation needed to be met.

All players on Kennedy’s volleyball team have had an amazing season, and everyone is excited to see how next year will be.


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