Greenery: The Color of 2017

By Kessie Ng, Aryanna Zavala, and Valentina Duong, Clarion Staff

Every year, a color is determined by Pantone, an American corporation best known for its Pantone Matching System (PMS), to become the yearly embodiment of color in the fashion industry. Pantone determined that greenery, a melted Melona bar color blended between lime and peridot tones, was the color of the year for 2017.

To finalize the necessary key components of reasoning behind the yearly determined color, much research was done by experts, as they consistently analyzed consumer preferences in the American economy and society. As a result of the many hardships that occurred last year, the color greenery was specifically chosen for its calming, healing effects.

The country came across many obstacles last year in 2016. The United States witnessed many changes in politics, not only in itself, but around the world. We voted for our 45th president, which caused much political discourse and chaos. We faced oncoming threats of terrorist attacks and war with foreign countries. We lost many influential musical artists and famous film stars due to old age or illnesses. The United States was truly put through the ringer, which led to Pantone choosing a calm and soothing color.

Inspired by nature, the zesty, yellow-green shade is said to evoke hope and courage with a refreshed, reinvigorated spirit for the new year. Greenery may make you feel relaxed and at one with nature, especially for non-outdoorsy individuals who desire cozy surroundings and a natural, peaceful environment. Notable fashion designers, particularly Michael Kors, Max Mara, and Mary Katrantzou, have all embraced the greenery shade as shown in their 2017 spring fashion collections.

Though the color may initially seem difficult to match with, greenery can complement quite well with many other beautiful shades, such as rose quartz, which was the color of 2016. Greenery also pairs well with deeper shades and bright, metallic, neutral, or pastel colors.

For those aspiring fashionistas out there, be sure to mix and match this year’s color in your daily fashion wisely.

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