Kennedy Seniors Last Will & Testament

 I, Xinran Zhang, will my knack for learning quickly to those struggling to understand something for the first time. I will my passion for things worth my effort to those lacking motivation and a vision for their future. Lastly, I will my fierce loyalty to those who want to make steadfast friendships.

I, Breanna Thomas, leave my spaghetti strap shirt to Jose the Campus Monitor. To my best friend Maija, I leave all my patience and hard working attitude. Stay strong, homie. You can do this 🙂 ❤ Love ya! I will also leave all my love for all the wonderful people I met these four years. I leave all my hugs for Leticia Esparza. Lastly, I leave my Instagram for everyone to follow @king._.breee.

I, Jazmin Flemmer, leave my spaghetti straps and short shorts to Jose the Campus Monitor. I will my Snapchats and first period journalism fun to Leticia Esparza (not Esperanza). I leave all my knowledge, fun, patience, and strength against bullies to Emerald McRorey, my “sister”. I will miss everyone I have met this year when I moved from Apple Valley, not Napa Valley nor Apple Hill. I leave my being Batman to (Joseph) Anthony Cordova! 🙂

I, ya boi Vinnie, leave all of my 5GB worth of memes on my phone to Zach Maeda, then my level 300 Overwatch account to Richie Chan, and finally 20 of my puffles to Jackson Jerkovich.

I, Zachary Garcia, leave all the amazing teachers than I’ve had throughout my high school like a sincere gratitude for not only teaching me what I needed to learn, but teaching me life and the expectations. It has been an honor to be in their classes, and I also want to leave all the under classes that I’ve befriended some hope. I know that you’ve seen me to be a real friend, but I must confess to you that I lied … a lot – senior ball queen or not. I apologize and encourage you to love people and be stronger than me.

I, Lois Her, will my seat in class to the new freshman, my work ability, apron and Round Table shirt to Shohmee Xiong.

I, Tyrone Dolton, will my Round Table shirt to Joaquin Jaurequi, my seat in class to Kaiah Walker, my CVS shirt to Shohmee Xiong, and my binder to Sophia Rodriquez.

I, Jazmyne Smith, will give my Round Table shirt to Haleigh Lee, my Walgreens shirt to Kaiah Walker, and poster to Lilley Xiong.

To my younger sister Victoria, I, Valentina Duong, will you the inspiration to create beautiful works of art, the liveliness to dance to your heart’s content, and the confidence to succeed in life with hard work and determination. Don’t ever let anyone bring you down and change who you are.

I, Wendy Huang, will all the incoming freshman and other underclassmen the strength to survive their remaining year(s) of high school. You only get one chance to live each day and every day is never the same as the day before, so live without regrets.

I, Codi Heafey, will my binder to David Gutierrez-Medina, my seat to Hannah Dudley, and my work site to Eva Gercia.

I, Keegan Morris, will the next year’s yearbook team good picture taking skills, the secrets of fashion to our futures ahead and shake repellent to those I have to leave behind. I will my love to Kiaya Smith, sneaker new to Porter Grant, creative thinking to Sage Bermudez, Banzai sushi to Odom Sin, more supreme to Emilio Kitt, girl talk to Matt Glide, and socks and chonies to Ellias Perez.

I, Juan Enflozo, will my mixtape to all these youngins I’m leavin’ these kids with flavor, pure, and lush flavor.

I, Lai Saechao, will my comfy seat to David Gutierrez-Medina, my job to Robin Bradley, my binder to Eva Garcia, and my seat at lunch to Haleigh Lee.

I, Nile Brown, will my disinterest to JFK, my free breakfast utensils, gram crackers, and applesauce to Danielle Lavezzoli, my memes to Sneks, and the bad sleep doggo to all the students.

I, Aria Sullivan, will my generosity to future students to give to their teachers, like how I did to mine. I also will my artistic skills to whomever needs them and will positive vibes to all students.

I, Samantha Johnson, leave nothing to anyone; every lesson is to be learned on your own.

I, Katalina Koloamatangi, will my patience to my mother Leti, for all of the knuckleheads that pass her in the hallways, my top C-wing locker of two years, school spirit and optimism to my brother Hopoate to help make school worthwhile, my endurance to all of the students who cry themselves to sleep because life could be a bully, my confidence to the low self-esteemed and the shy, a welcoming smile to the socially awkward, misunderstood, and outcasted, and my sarcasm for Mr. Whalen.

I, Alia Palacios, leave all the snakes behind along with the people that have staring problems, teachers who are so extra with assignments, the C-building with all them stairs, and lastly, Lil’ Boy Repellent for my cousin Zeandra that I will be leaving behind.

I, Eve Greenlow, bequeath my locker that was never able to lock to my brother Grant Greenlow, my all-nighters to the seniors who will follow in my footsteps, my spirit to the incoming freshman who surely won’t have any, and lastly I leave I leave my brother, Grant Greenlow, to none of you females.

I, Christine Vang, leave all my homework and notes for the last four years to my little brother, Ryan Ho, leave my drama seeking self to Kennedy. That’s all I leave.

I, Sneha Chand, will my love to Thatchaniel, Lucas Bulfer, and Manuel, my offbeat singing skills to all the Snek, and lastly my infinite amount of crushes to the freshmen girls.

I, Thomas Xiong, will Naomi Leuiseged my round table shirt, Shohmee Xiong my bi def, and Sophia Rodriguez my bears.

I, Caitlin Tang, will my motivation to do homework to all Mr. William students mainly for the outlines and projects, my ability to fix most everything with E tape and zip ties to the robotics team, my ability to chug espresso to all the student during AP testing and finals, and my locker filled with chocolate and fuzzy blankets to anyone is having a bad day.

I, Adela Valdez Rodriguez, will officer Carlos Martinez my senior picture hopefully you won’t tape my face, Trinity Williams, Han Ruiz, Yer Vang, and Polly Vang one as well. I will my office in the counseling to Mr. Right. I will Liza Briones the food in my locker. I will Nha Ton, Bianca Moralez, Tyra Abram, Liza Briones, and Abby Yang the title of best friend.

I, Annalise Green, well my pettiness smart mouth and attitude to Silvia Bustillos and Myiah Murrac, my confidence, good vibes and happiness to Savannah Coons, and my good looks and soft hair and bomb eyebrows to Amayah Andrews.

I, Ada Erlewine, I will my perseverance to those who need it during inevitable late night of homework. I will my fun and goofy outlook to teachers and staff and friends and other classes. Lastly, I will my love and calmness to my brother Gabe. Keep it cool! 🙂

I, Shannon Risinger, I give my cooking skills to the culinary program I will my Yugioh cards to my friend Branden bridges. Then, I give my classroom D-4 all my love and support as well as my creativity and happiness. I give my last thing I give everyone that becomes a senior senioritis!

I, Jonathan Oen, will the senior auction to the class of 2035 who will someday revive it, and my Kennedy baseball hats to Brendan Noguchi who is the only one I know who wears those disgusting sweating hats outside of baseball.

I, Kayla Toy, will all my math and physics jokes and pickup lines to Heather Gee, the “gold” we discovered in AP US History to Nile Brown, Milo’s my unconditional love to Vijant Sharma, our 3 am FaceTime’s with Alexa Mark, and lastly unlimited air kisses to Kristin Madvuga.

I, Ruben Corrales, would like to pass down my knowledge and caring for others to my classmates and my fellow seniors. I will my awesome glasses to Ms. Tidwell in D-4 and I will my flyness to my boy Deshawn, and cheers to my friend John Hunter for making it.

I, Natassia Aleman-Teweles, leave my brother Jacob some advice. You know this already but you really have to think about your actions. Think about them before you say or do anything. Good luck, little brother.

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