In This Issue — June 2, 2017

By Christopher Wong, Chief Editor

To give an extra large send-off to this year’s senior class, The Clarion wanted to deliver an extra large issue consisting of 16 pages to Kennedy’s classrooms, it ended up as 20 pages.

The production of this issue was one of the most stressful weeks the staff has ever experienced. However, thanks to an amazing editorial staff (I’m not talking about myself), we were able to publish a great issue with over 20,000 words for the Kennedy community to digest.

I want to use this 265-word space to thank two of The Clarion’s seniors, Chief Photographer Alex Ng and Creative Director Valentina Duong. With their many talents, both have played a big part in making the first year returning as a full class successful.

Back to the issue at hand (or should I say, in your hands), an in-class assignment led us to wonder about the things we leave behind. From the last wills for the people at Kennedy to the litter on campus, every graduating senior leaves something behind.

Teachers to take-out boxes, friends to fruit cups, ex-lovers to excrement, and your wise words to used condoms; everything left behind as we move on with our lives. That said, hopefully, half of the things listed are being left behind in a garbage can.

For everyone with years to come at Kennedy, plan on The Clarion to becoming even better from here. Cougars are known to be especially adept at climbing trees. As with everything here at Kennedy, creatively, collectively, and collaboratively, we plan to climb higher and higher.

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