Mattress Fundraiser Nets More than $4k

Mattress Fundraiser

By Marsiana Pound, Clarion Staff

On May 13th, the John F. Kennedy Marching Band and Color Guard held a mattress sale fundraiser to raise money for affording new trailers to transport instruments to competitions. Most of the volunteers were members of the Kennedy Marching Band.

Students were stationed at street corners: in front of Kennedy, by Nugget Market, and in front of Walgreens. Students from the band advertised the fundraiser by holding signs and dancing. Some people stopped to ask where the school was and where to get the mattresses. Many drivers honked after reading the signs. A truck driver working for a different mattress retailer even honked at them.

Even though the day was long and hot, the band members still managed to stay cool with candy and lots of water.  Some dedicated members even stayed for the whole duration of the fundraiser from 10 am to 5 pm. They all brought the fun out of it. During each break, some students would soak their feet in cold water. They made jokes, ate candy, and had a great time.

While they had fun, the band members’ hard work paid off as they raised a total of $4,400. That would probably be enough to buy at least one used Penske rental truck.

(L to R) Ethan Pham (9), Vincent Larsen (9), and Lorenzo Mestidio (9) dance with their signs. Clarion photo by Marsiana Pound

“It’s really fun ‘cause it’s not everyday that you get to dress up as a mattress,” said Ethan Pham (‘20), a Kennedy freshman oboe player. “The fundraiser this year was good, but next year’s going to be even better.”

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