School of Rock

By Cynthia Dominguez, Clarion Staff

John F. Kennedy is home to all types of talent, ranging from athletics to art, creating a diverse and capable student body. Despite the amount of talent, some students find difficulty in finding a consistent outlet. A club on campus called Club Rock brings a new form of musical expression onto the John F. Kennedy campus.

Prior to the formation of the club Mr. Plotts, now the club advisor, would allow students to play music on any of the various instruments available in his room.

These small jam sessions provided a safe, fun environment for students with love for rock or any genre to enjoy themselves and learn new skills. Samuel and Theodore Tran eventually approached Mr. Plotts with the idea to establish a formal club where artistic expression through music would be encouraged.

Club Rock shows off their skills with a surprise performance on the stage during Unity Day, garnering a large audience. Clarion photo by Cynthia Dominguez

Club Rock was approached with the offer to perform on the Kennedy stage during Unity Day, a celebration of the various cultures on the Kennedy campus on May 5th. The offer was too good to pass up and the club decided to take the initiative to prepare a performance. The performance garnered much of the student body’s attention and gave club members an opportunity to play for an amount of people they had not been able to previously.

Since the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, Club Rock has met after school every Tuesday and polished their talents. Aside from musical talent, participation in the club encourages teamwork and cooperation in a form, different from the usual group work found on campus. In an interview, Mr. Plotts stated, “Just being able to play music with other people and learning to play off of other people, is a musical talent in itself. It’s also just a really cool way to meet new people and exchange musical ideas you might have otherwise not been able to.”

Although the school year is at its end, the opportunity to become part of a club that encourages individual and group growth is available to everyone on campus. Samuel Tran, one of the original founders, stated in an interview, “[Club Rock] is a place where students are allowed to express themselves in music and I bet there’s no other club on campus that has so much music with so little rules… If anyone loves music, please join us next year!”

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