Seven JFK Women Golfers Compete At Bing Maloney

Sophia Looking (2)
Sophia O’Neal (12) watches as her golf shot lands faraway on the field. (Photo by Bruce Tran)
PickingGolfBallV2 (1)
Gabriella Herrera-Griffe (12) marks her golf ball. This helps her know where the ball was after picking it up before the next person plays. (Photo by Bruce Tran)
SophiaSwing (2)
O’Neal strikes the golf ball. The impact can be heard across the entire field. (Photo by Bruce Tran)
LookingDown (1)
Jenelle Lum (11) walks down to where her golf ball landed. She concentrated and thought about how she will make her next shot. (Photo by Bruce Tran)
Motion (1)
Lum practices her swing before striking the ball. Players often take practice swings to help them calibrate their aims. (Photo by Bruce Tran)

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