Cougars Lose Hell Bowl for First Time in Three Years

By Eddie Rodrigues, Clarion Staff

Amidst a screaming crowd, players clash, causing a McClatchy player’s helmet to fly off. (Photo by Bruce Tran)

Kennedy’s varsity football team put up a valiant effort during their 27-6 loss to McClatchy in this year’s Hell Bowl on October 6th at Hughes Stadium, Sacramento City College. Despite the fall, the players never gave up and fought to the very end.

A highlight and a huge plus to Kennedy’s efforts was when senior star player #5 Zavionne Wilson rushed through the McClatchy defense and into the endzone to put up Kennedy’s points for the game. This, though was the first Hell Bowl loss for Kennedy in the last three showdowns of the rivalry played.

“They played tough throughout the entire game,” says Bella Sierra, a Kennedy freshman who attended the game.

A lighter note of the night was a brutal, well played tie in the JV game. The game culminated in a heartbreaking touchdown from McClatchy, tying the game.

Our Homecoming foes, Florin, who Kennedy is now tied with a record of 1-2 within our league, has an overall record of 2-4 this season, coming off of a 6-0 win against Hiram Johnson High School. Since they have a slightly better record than the Cougars, we have to get ready to be victorious in our Homecoming game. After a tough start to the 2017 varsity football season, a Homecoming victory for the team would be an amazing feat and accomplishment this year. The Florin Panthers also better get ready, because we are going to bring our A game.

The Homecoming game is Friday night October 27th, so show up Cougars and support our school on their big weekend! We hope our Cougars can keep pushing and have a successful season this year, and we start to look forward to next year’s playing of the bowl game, here at our very own Cougar stadium. We will bring the heat and we will be at our best, and we can’t be more excited for the next Hell Bowl between us and our rival Lions. Coach Brian Lewis is pushing his team very hard during practices daily to get his squad ready for important upcoming games.

The next game is tonight, Friday, October 13 at Kennedy against Hiram Johnson, who is currently 0-6. This should be an easy win for the Cougars. JV starts at 5 pm. Varsity begins at 7. The following game is also a home game against Laguna Creek. The Cougars have the next two weeks to prepare to destroy our Homecoming foes.          

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