Word of the Week: Entomophagy

By Cynthia Dominguez, Opinions Editor

barbecue exotic
Though these may appear to be the wand Buzz the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee waves around, they are actually skewered silkworms, which are eaten in China and some other locations in Asia. (Photo from iStock)

Entomophagy (en-tuh-MAW-fuh-jee) is defined as the practice of eating insects, specifically by people. Throughout the world, approximately 3,000 ethnic groups eat insects, whether it be for nutritional value or for seasoning.

Although the idea of eating bugs is not well received in the western world, many claim that widening the practice of entomophagy will help sustain the constant population growth. Receiving the same, if not greater, amount of nutrients from insects compared to everyday foods makes entomophagy much more appealing.

After a quick poll among The Clarion staff, only three out of eighteen students said they would voluntarily eat insects. One staff member however pointed out that eventually, in a time of need, everyone would need to eat insects to survive.

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