Club Highlight:  VIP Students Keep Groove Alive Without An Instructor

By Saeri Plagmann, Clarion Staff

The most well-known dance club at Kennedy, Project Move, returns this year with double the members, a change in leadership roles, and a new name VIP.

The dance group was founded five years ago by professional dance instructor Marcus Edralin who left the club the following year to join the Jabbawockeez Cast. The most recent instructor, Dane San Pedro, recently left to manage his dream job as an owner of a dance studio, Rize All in Elk Grove. The loss of the director/coordinator forced major alterations to be made, including a new name for the club: Vibe In Promo. Despite the various barriers presented, VIP continues to put on the most popular performances at school rallies.

Dominick Lee, senior at Kennedy and vice president of the club, states that the absence of an instructor this year has posed yearlong issues. “[The] challenge is we can’t have the dance room without our instructor and that’s hard because we don’t have the mirrors. We [also] don’t have a room when it rains or gets cold.” VIP currently practices in the courtyard outside the library; with the winter season approaching, it is evident that new struggles will arise. According to Lee, the dance room is occupied by Kennedy’s cheerleading team for the majority of the time, preventing even temporary use of the room.

On another note, members of VIP seemed to make use of their current situation. Brendon Vang, junior at Kennedy and returning member, states that the club continues to benefit him personally. “I think it benefits a lot of people in dance because it’s a figure of art to express how you truly feel. All the teenagers now are more affected by alcohol and I feel that dancing can actually help that if they are into it. A way to release all that stress that builds up at school.”

Until a new instructor volunteers to take over, the club plans to be student-led for as long as it continues. With a large number of male and female students from each grade who made up the club this year, returning members claim they want to see more students join in the future. “Right now it’s good, but I’m a junior now so I want to see how it will be like when I’m gone, like see it still thrive.” says Vang. VIP still receives positive feedback from other students and the faculty. As long as the strong support carries on, the club will continue to add excitement to Kennedy’s rallies and club rushes, where dance battles are inevitable to happen.

All photos by Saeri Plagmann, Clarion Staff

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