Girls’ Golf On Par This Season

Timmy Curry, Clarion Staff

The women’s golf season has just ended and they finished with some great results. They succeeded this season because they used the skills they gained while being on the team, which are hard work and great team skills. Overall, they made great progress this season and had some great results. Coach Hoag said, “I think the team did good this year.”

Gabriella Herrera-Griffe (12) marking her golf ball. This help her know where the ball was after picking it up. (Photo by Bruce Tran, Clarion Staff)

This team played a total of 12 matches and performed great with a total score of 10 wins to two loses in terms of matches played. The women’s golf team also took part in two tournaments this season. They moved on to the Metro League, where they got second place, which allowed them to qualify and move on to Divisionals. When asked about the team’s performance player Jenelle Lum stated, “Our team did great this year. We accomplished a lot together. Hopefully we can continue to do the same and even better next season!”

Hoag stated, “For Kennedy, I was inspired to coach because my daughters were incoming freshmen and we didn’t have a women’s golf team or a coach. So I volunteered to be the coach and start a team.” Before he was the women’s golf coach Hoag spent 30 years teaching golf professionally. He got his start in golf at the age of ten with his dad and older brother because he wanted to play with them and states he, “…liked the challenge of golf.”

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