Girls Water Polo Learning, Adjusting

By Saeri Plagmann, Clarion Staff

The Kennedy Girls Water Polo Team has managed to finish the season with an overall score of 4-14 and a score of 2-10 in the Metropolitan League. The team had lost star players from last year, to which Kalena Ozdaglar, junior at Kennedy and water polo member, says it made players more independent. “The team is definitely more structured than last year because now most of us know how to play the sport.”

Kennedy Water Polo star Kalena Ozdaglar (11) shown with the ball. Photo by Myliya Willard

A Rio Linda game during the season was the highlight for many players. With only five players out of the required six, Kennedy and Rio Linda agreed to play five against five. The Cougars had begun to win the game when a player was kicked out, leaving the game to continue with six against four. “I just went crazy with shooting and trying to score as much as possible.” Says Ozdaglar. Despite the slight predicament of the game, Kennedy ended the match with an amazing victory.

Currently with three seniors on the team, Girls Water Polo will experience changes again in the future. However, their teamwork will help them overcome any challenges that may come their way. 

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