Wayback Machine – November 26, 1986

From Kennedy Clarion, Vol. 20, No. 4

By Adrianna Iorio

Indoor Swimming At Kennedy

On October 24th, 1986 an unknown vandal flooded Kennedy’s main gym. The Sacramento Recreation Department issued a gym permit to hold a volleyball clinic, resulting in a custodian discovering a fire hose streaming water onto the gym’s hardwood floor. The clean up was pricy, resulting in $20,000 worth of damage, and caused a variety of limitations for sports teams as well as students. To our knowledge, the person who caused this destruction was never caught. (Edited)

Possible Teacher Strike!

Due to fewer issues being resolved such as teacher’s salaries and the new teacher transfer policy, teachers at Kennedy in 1986 were considering going on strike. Mr. Bone, Kennedy Principal at the time was very concerned with the effects of this strike, implying that things would worsen, not improve with a strike. The teacher transfer policy included a new hiring date for teachers, and made it harder for teachers already employed by the district to transfer to a more desirable school or position.   Teachers felt they were being cheated out of jobs that were rightfully theirs. The other major issue was teacher’s salaries. The district had offered a three percent increase, but demanded an increase in the amount contributed to the teachers health insurance plan, so with increased deductions, the salary increase will only amount to one or two percent. The teachers felt this increase was inadequate as teachers in neighboring districts were receiving eight to nine percent increases. (Edited)

Sister School In Germany

For the first time in John F. Kennedy history, the school had agreed to acquire a sister school in Gladenbach, West Germany. This collaboration program was designed to offer an inside look at both institution and the differences between the student lifestyles at both high schools. Claudia Holzerkph, the supervisor handling the transactions between the two schools, added  “The idea is also meant to boost declining American popularity in Germany, caused by the negative way the American military has been portrayed to [German] children and their parents.” Between these two schools, materialistic items including fashion, sports, and entertainment were exchanged as well as past yearbooks and newspapers. A pen-pal program was also initiated.  It is not reported how this process turned out. (Edited)

Editor-in-Chief:  Kathy Albiani

Advisor:  Kim Clemons

Principal:  Robert Bone (Mr. Bone)

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