What I Would Like To See On JFK Campus

By Makayla Smith, Clarion Staff

As I walked through the campus every day, I never really paid attention to what JFK offered to all of our students at school. With its unique opportunities, students are able to express themselves and become involved in more activities. The problem is, not a lot of people see the point of participating in many of the various activities offered on campus. I believe teenagers go to school to only get required classes out of the way, completely disregarding the many opportunities that are presented to them.

Some clubs that Kennedy offers include CSF and the Interact club, which can greatly benefit the future careers of students. Despite these many opportunities, the issue lies within the fact that most students are at a point where they become very familiar with the campus and stop seeing the importance of being involved in school. Another thing that I have observed on campus is the lack of student voices speaking out. Problems such as the unsympathetic late policy the administration has enforced are unquestioned and never spoke of. Many get to school through a car, bus, or even a bike, so in most cases, tardiness cannot be helped.

Hectic traffic in the morning can also contribute to delays. In those cases, when students do finally arrive at school, they are at fault for being late for something out of their control. We need the administration to work on understanding the students’ point of view and making the time to work with them individually. There are many voices on campus that need to be heard but many are reluctant. By coming together to voice their opinion, the school community will be stronger.

What I would like to see on our school campus is more people participating in the great opportunities offered, like applying for college applications during lunch or going to tutoring after school. I realized that the opportunities I take in high school could affect me greatly once I become part of the real world. My freshman year taught me that these accomplishments could increase my chances of getting into a great college.

A student not showing any effort or neglecting these experiences can limit the opportunities that may come their way. They can even build important life skills for themselves, to help them become more knowledgeable outside of campus.

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