A Continued Spike to Success

By Saeri Plagmann, Features Editor

Despite losing several senior players from last year, the Kennedy Volleyball team completed the Metropolitan Conference season with a record of 11-3, coming in second place. They exerted the same amount of effort and teamwork on the week of October 30, where they fought through the first round of playoffs.  

Coach Pollock provides words of wisdom during a recent home game. (Photo by Makayla Smith, Clarion Staff)

The highlight of the season was an amazing victory against Laguna Creek on October 19. The teams played up to five sets, the last being the most competitive. After the close victory, Coach Pollock says, “[The season] turned out great. I love that our team has great chemistry. We love each other, we play hard for each other, we would’ve been doing the same thing if we lost the match tonight.”

October 19 was also memorable for the five senior players. Recognized by their teammates and the audience, Karissa Jones, Mia Santos, Jade Jones, and Shelby Wong received flowers, gifts, and a message from their family to celebrate their senior night. Despite five of his players graduating this school year, Pollock says, “I think we got a lot of young talent. For starting I got three sophomores, and I’ve got some freshmen on the JV team that are looking promising. Even though we have seniors, we’ve also got sophomores that are starting and we got some juniors that are contributing too.”

A jubilant celebration for all seniors including Shelby Wong shown above with her family. (Photo by Makayla Smith, Clarion Staff)

Mia Santos, senior at Kennedy and varsity player, has high hopes for the team next year. “I just want them to play their hardest, and be able to say ‘Yes, I did that. Yes, I won that banner with my name on it.’ I just want them to be proud of themselves.” Although the team broke the four year first place streak by coming in second place in the Metro League, players feel the overall season to have been honorable and successful.

“This team has fought through a lot of diversity and I’m really proud of them playing this game. We’ve lost a lot of good players, but we bounced back.” says Jade Jones, senior at Kennedy and varsity player. Half of current varsity players will be returning for the next fall season, and many underclassmen have a strong foundation to take on the varsity positions that are left. “Our league is getting much tougher so we’re playing against other teams now that are getting better every single night, so it’s getting more competitive in the league.” says Pollock.

Difficult challenges may await the future as competition increases, but the team has shown to get stronger and more impactful with it.


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