Club Highlight: MESA is Not Plain

By Eddie Rodrigues, Clarion Staff

Have you ever wondered who makes and designs those amazing robots and structures displayed at school events and around campus? The Kennedy club MESA, Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement is responsible for it all.  The club is led by Ms. Henry, the advisor and a science instructor and also by the club president, Francis Feng (11). MESA gives students an amazing opportunity to learn about valuable life skills and the planning involved.

Ms. Henry says, “Arduinos,” which is a pack of materials you can use to make things like LED lights and a voltmeter. The pack can teach you to make useful tools. She said, “Our club use to be called old school, but now with our coding and video gaming advances we are getting into the new school.”

There are many exciting opportunities for students to try something new. You can build bridges, a ball launcher, a glider, a prosthetic arm and the chance to travel to Philadelphia to compete in the annual National Engineering Design Competition (NEDC). The competition showcases the best NEDC teams as they use the skills they have gained in class in order to deliver an engineering-based solution to a touching challenge.

Photo of Mesa club taken during recent meeting in Room B23. Clarion photo by Bruce Tran

MESA Day is an annual event that is a statewide competition for MESA school programs. The day is meant for teams to compete and display their unique inventions and try to advance to the next level. Past projects from other state competitions have included windmills and solar powered lanterns.

Head to Ms. Henry’s room to sign up for MESA and get an application to participate in a one of those exciting events. The club meets every week during lunches on Wednesdays and sometimes after school in Room B23. Ms. Henry is available a majority of the time, except Wednesdays at lunch, MESA meetings are taking place.

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