JFK Press Conference Eases Tension With Student Activities

By Christopher Wong, Chief Editor

On October 20, during first period The Clarion held a press conference with Principal David Van Natten and invited student leaders on campus to voice their concerns and get answers for issues on campus, specifically the growing worries and rumors about transparency, communication, and student activities.

Going forward, Van Natten indicated that he and the assistant principals are open to including ASB student representatives in administration’s regular meetings, which take place twice a month.

“My first year here I had monthly one-on-one meetings with ASB; interest sort of dropped off for some reason last year. I am exploring starting that up again,” he stated at the press conference.

The press conference set up in journalism room B12 with Principal Van Natten shown arriving and Clarion chief editor Christopher Wong preparing to moderate.

Van Natten also assured that regular students can voice their concerns to administration directly, “You can talk to me; I’m not that bad. You can talk to Mr. Yung; you can talk to Ms. Buitrago, Mr. Fry, whoever you are comfortable talking to.” Among the methods students can use to contact administration include email, the Kennedy website (jfk.scusd.edu), asking in person, or leaving a note on Van Natten’s truck.

The school also holds Cougar Parent Committee meetings in the Little Theater at 6 pm every three weeks. The next meeting will be on November 14. Van Natten gives a state of the school speech and takes questions and concerns. Students are welcome to attend.

“Find some way to get that information to me because I want to hear from you—it’s our school. It’s gonna be a much better school if we’re all engaged.”

In addition to addressing concerns with transparency and communication, Van Natten covered issues regarding food fairs, future spirit weeks, dances, and dress code.

Read more in this issue.


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