O’Flaherty Reinstated as Activities Director

By Dominic J Larsen, News Editor

The student body has been in a fury due to rumors of the cancellation of beloved extracurricular activities. In this fit of confusion, the initial story has became lost in translation. Acting upon its journalistic duty, the Clarion hosted a press conference on October 20, 2017 with the principal, David Van Natten. Journalists and the administration alike wanted to bring about the truth and clear the campus of confusion.

Photo of Mr. O provided by 2016-17 Yearbook photographer, Nadia Vargas

Van Natten recently asked Kenneth O’Flaherty, who served as student activities director for the past nine years, to reassume his role after Vanessa Shintaku, former activities director for this year, resigned her position.

Throughout the school year, an array of rumors have made their course through the student body, varying from the combination of senior ball and junior prom to all events being cancelled on campus. Some rumors also circulated that the number of rallies and spirit weeks would be reduced from four to three per year. Van Natten denied these rumors, “No final decision was made.  There are four rallies on the calendar. Some of this as we talked about different ideas, information got that we had made a decision but we haven’t.” The main reason for considering reducing the number of spirit weeks was a situation of quality versus quantity.   

Though no events are cancelled, the principal spoke to the future possibility of canceling events, “Safety has come up.  There have been instances in which I have felt like the circumstances whether it be the number of students in attendance or the particular facility that was in use, or lack of supervision.  That is going to be the reason in most cases that an event is redesigned or cancelled.”

He also addressed and denied the allegations that student government officials were being threatened with removal from office, “I would never say anything like that. There are a lot of rumors circulating. I value student voice. If somebody has been threatened with removal from office because they spoke up to express a concern, I need you to bring that to my attention.”

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