Water Polo Deserves More Fans

By Karissa Jones, Clarion Staff

Kennedy Men’s Water Polo is currently holding tightly to second place in Metro League standings. The team has lost three games this season to River City, El Dorado and rival McClatchy.

According to team stats, Kennedy scores an average of 9.3 goals per game closely behind the competition. The Men’s 2016 water polo season ended with a final record 3-9 and greatly increased to the current season standing, 11-3.   Kennedy finished the season in 2nd place tied with River City. The team has greatly improved in its teamwork, but is still lacking in a fanbase.Water polo has enjoyed greater turnout this season but the team needs even more support.

On October 5th the Men’s Water Polo put up the fight of their lives with their most competitive game this season. This is the first time in recent history that our team defeated River City. (8-5)

Top ranked Grant Greenlow (11) shown being chased by a Rosemont opponent in home contest Sept 28. (Photo by Karissa Jones, Clarion staff)

Grant Greenlow (#16), who is ranked in the top twenty nationwide on scoring goals, put his all in during this epic match. Grant faced challenges with River City’s defense as they shut down most of his plays. Though they faced trials, the team pulled their efforts to take home the win. Corey Burgess (#17), Jak Allen (#5), and Jordan Selvin (#11) kept the goals coming and helped put up points. While on the defensive side Luiscciano Garcia (#3) and Kyle Westman (#1) kept the opposing team drowning on their own breath, while shutting down the team’s main scorer. (all players listed above are in grade 11.)

The stands were mostly filled with family members and other teammates. Where are the Kennedy students?  The people in the stands cheering may be helpful but nothing is better than the support of your classmates and school. Kennedy has been fighting for the first place all season against McClatchy and is well deserving of more student support at home games.

Photo by Karissa Jones, Clarion Staff

“It’s dead, I only really hear from our team or the other team, but I don’t see any of the Kennedy students there at all”  says teammate Corey Burgess. Most athletes appreciate a crowd of supporters cheering them and their team on. Corey also said “Motivation is everything and having people cheering you on gives you that boost of momentum to play better or to just simply keep the hype up”.

The team this season has been giving their hearts to this sport. Each game the team brings a fight and leaves everything they have in them in the pool. All the hard work they have been doing the team deserves attention. Supporting the team brings in another level of urgency to their game. Come out, watch, and cheer on the Kennedy Water Polo team.  

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