Kennedy Shares their Fields on Special Olympics Day

By Miya Murata, Clarion Staff


John F. Kennedy High School hosted a special olympics event October 31, providing a way for students compete against other high schools in the area, Luther Burbank and Mira Loma. Between first and fourth period, every Kennedy P.E class competed against these two visiting schools in several soccer matches.

The event was called the “Special Olympics” because general education and special education students were integrated in the activities.   Two integrated teams from Kennedy competed against the same mixture of students from the other schools.  It was a way for Kennedy students to express themselves through sports and have a cheerful experience of winning, but mostly for students to have a fun time.

After all students had participated in the Special Olympics, they were provided with pizza, drinks and a medal for their competitive spirit. As long as a student participated and cheered for fellow competitors, they were rewarded with a medal. The students seemed to have an enjoyable time with plenty of smiles and laughter. There was some display of anger from competitiveness on the field, but with cheers and comfort from the students here at Kennedy, they were able to triumph together.

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