JFK Poetry Corner: Slice of Christmas

By Jianna Beasley, Clarion Staff


every morning I awake

reluctantly trudging into school

peppermint hot cocoa makes it all worthwhile

thoughts of Starbucks make me drool


every morning I awake

and life drags on for a while

children awaiting their winter break

shouting “happy holidays!” with a smile


every evening I dare not sleep

at night, the neighborhood lights up

in the dark, reindeer and elves come to life

and inflatable Santas blow up


every evening I dare not sleep

because even though I don’t believe

there’s something in me that says I have to be certain

Santa will come this Christmas Eve


and when the morning finally comes

this morning long awaited

the lights on the tree, the magic, the sounds,

the sounds of children, elated


and one by one the gifts are unwrapped

paper and bows hitting the floor

shrieks and giggles of pure delight

when Santa brought them all they asked for


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