Club H.E.R.O. Uses Superheroes to Explore Important Topics

By Enia Chanthapaseuth, Clarion Staff

Club H.E.R.O president Sage Bermudez says the Kennedy club is a judgment free zone in which people can come to a meeting and speak their minds and opinions on different topics.   Club H.E.R.O. (Helping Everyone Reach Out) is an acronym that seems to describe the club effectively though Bermudez hopes the club can move in a direction where they can Inspire and impact the community in a positive way.

The club was established at Kennedy in 2014 by Erin Wong who served as the first president.  After the original cabinet graduated, a new leadership group emerged in 2017-18 when Bermudez and others stepped up to take the club in some familiar but mostly new directions.

Several members from the club pose during a meeting in December (L to R) Ashton Foster, Irene Lai, Sage Bermudez, Destinee Saechao, Kaitlyn Saechao, Christopher Jeong. Photo by Enia Chanthapaseuth, Clarion Staff

The monthly meetings of the club usually follow a theme. A Batman theme in January has the club exploring social justice topics. Previous topics included Wonder Woman where the club explored gender equality, greater appreciation of women and the various movements behind women’s rights; Iron Man where the club talked about the impact and effects of technology on people; and other meetings when students engaged in open-ended discussions of cultural differences and how to handle certain situations.    The Heroes and Titans is when the club’s upper and lower classmates exchange ideas and talk about immediate goals or more long-term concerns.

This year club H.E.R.O. collaborated with key club by holding a mixer to raise money to create shoeboxes filled with daily necessities for homeless people and provide shelter.

Students of all grades are welcome to come and listen or talk at any of Club H.E.R.O. meetings on Wednesdays in room T-12.

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