Kennedy Girls Soccer Team Focuses on Education

By Adrianna Iorio, Clarion Staff

Every high school soccer season is different. With a variety of diverse players, team strengths and weaknesses, and leadership all divert to taking a different path of success. However this years Kennedy women’s soccer teams is different according to coach Rubio, in which a relationship between his coaching style and IQ is prevalent. This season’s soccer team has proved to be a very intelligent group that is able to understand tactical moves made before and even during a game.

Varsity soccer player Brianne Baggerly (11) steps ahead of Johnson opponent. (Clarion photo by Saeri Plagmann)

Varsity captain Sydney Takeda is very impressed with her team’s gameplay this season. Takeda has been captain for the past two years and enjoys being in this leadership role due to seeing her team’s skill and chemistry improve.

“This year’s team is special because even though we have lots of senior’s and have three senior captains, players from each grade level stop up into leadership roles and we know we can always count on each other, which makes It much easier to play to the best of our ability’s,” Takeda says.

Varsity soccer player Kaitlin Tran (11). Photo by Saeri Plagmann

However the teams both have a lot to do in order to finish top of the Metro League. In the upcoming weeks Kennedy will host games against McClatchy and Laguna Creek for Senior Night. Coach Rubio is hopeful a large crowd will be present in order to promote the soccer program within the community. Although there is a lot to come, both JV and Varsity have a chance to win the Metro League with Varsity holding a current record of 7-0-1, and JV with a record of 4-1.

Coach Rubio is very excited for what is to come for the JFK soccer program. When he was brought in as a coach three seasons ago he told the administration his goal was to produce a consistent winning program on and off the field. Rubio also is very dedicated to ensuring each player receives and understands the importance of education.

“I am most proud, not in the league championship or playoff victory, but that in each of my first three seasons our teams continue to raise cumulative GPA standards,” Rubio says. “As a recent graduate of an advanced degree I am first to instill in each player the importance of education.”

Overall the Kennedy soccer program has so far had a successful season. Coach Rubio is grateful to all the support he has received throughout his seasons coaching and hope it transfers to future teams. Go support our Women’s Varsity team at senior night on February 9 against Laguna Creek.


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