Lady Cougars Dribble Into the Spotlight

By Dominic J Larsen & Timmy Curry, Clarion Staff

Varsity player, Tymiko Patterson(12) guards  an opponent at Kennedy temporary home location, Sam Brannan Middle School. (Photo by Izaack DeGuchy)

Kennedy’s Female Basketball teams have had a season filled with varied result, playing the game to the best of their ability.

Varsity has had an overall record of 7-12, with the Metro League score coming out to an even 4-4. Our lady cougars performed at their peak when matched against Laguna Creek, dominating the court with a final score of 74-14.

The team has fought vigorously against a number of neighboring teams, working to defeat the East Sac school, Hiram Johnson. Varsity girls played their best, finishing the game with a score of 58-14.

Lindsey Yep (‘11) told reporters “It’s been quite the ride , meeting new friends and bonding as a one big family. As well as playing and working hard on the court together” when they meet off the court.

When matched against Kennedy’s main adversary, McClatchy, the varsity team unfortunately dropped the ball, ending the game with the score, 32-67.

JV basketball player Jasmin Gathwright (10) moves toward the basket against Burbank opponent at San Brannan home game. (Clarion photo by Sarif Morningstar)

Aside from Varsity, Kennedy is home is to two other teams, both the junior varsity and freshman. Junior Varsity was the highlight of the three teams with a total record of 9-6. Their record in league is roughly the same as that of the varsity team, with the score of 3-4. The Freshmen team has struggled this season, not winning a single of their five matchups. Both teams anticipate to end the season on a better note, looking to their teamwork and dedication as driving factors in their newfound success

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