College-Bound Seniors Share Thoughts About the Application Process

By Sophia O’Neal, Clarion Staff

This time of the year seniors are now done, or nearly done, applying to colleges. They are now in the process of waiting for admission decisions. Many students have prepared most of their lives just to get into a respectable college or the best Ivy League University. Whichever institution of higher education seniors applied to, applying is a lengthy, but hopefully rewarding, process.

University form

Applying to a state college is Kennedy senior Dominique Meadows, who applied to Sacramento State, “I wouldn’t say [the application process] was difficult since I did mine online, but it was extremely tedious. If you put one thing wrong while trying to apply, it might affect your chances of getting accepted.” She added, “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Pamela Lyons commented on her UC application; her top schools were UCLA and UCSD. “I feel very accomplished, it took me a long time to do it. It was a hard process, so I was happy I was able to finish.” Lyons states that receiving help from her parents and counselors also allowed for a smooth process. “[The application process] was easier than filling it in by hand. Everything is there and if you needed help you can look up stuff.” For students filing the FAFSA, the assistance from Cal-SOAP was also highly beneficial.

Applying to the private institution Harvey Mudd is Kennedy senior Billy Hernandez. “[I] really disliked the process. It was extremely stressful. It was degrading seeing all the boxes I couldn’t check off.” He later went on to say, “It was stressful [but] it worked out in the end.”

His advice to students who will start applying this fall is, “Start writing your personal statements. Try to write your personal statements early because editing is the most important part. If you can get your english teacher to read it that’s very helpful.”

The entire process can be much more intimating than it seems, which stops many students from applying; however, it is a huge accomplishment once done. As Kennedy senior Anna Dibrova said, “It felt like I got something out the way.”

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