Kennedy Cougars Sweep McClatchy in Men’s Basketball Contest

By Eddie Rodrigues, Clarion Staff

Varsity senior player Keilen Fong. Photo by Sage Bermudez

On Wednesday, January 10th, 2018, the Kennedy Cougars’ men’s basketball teams, (varsity, jv, and freshman) accomplished a complete sweep in three home games against their rivals, the McClatchy Lions. The men’s varsity team toppled McClatchy’s men’s varsity squad 81-72, JV team won by a score of 53-43, and freshmen won 52-42. The varsity squad was one point away from making all three wins by ten points. This is the second time the teams swept an opponent in a day this season, the first being Florin.


Randall Smith, number 21 on the Cougars’ JV team stated, “It felt very good defeating our rivals, and even though we did not play as well in the second half, we still played well enough to be victorious.”

“It felt good that we won as a team, as teamwork was the key to our success,” said Number 4 Anthony Heard, another JV player who felt good about the win.

Varsity basketball player Cristian Johnson (11) moves the ball across the court at Kennedy’s home game. Photo by Meng Thao.

Now, the teams must continue to try and make a late season push and finish the year out strong. Tonight, the Cougars will play an away rival game at McClatchy. The varsity teams’ league records are currently 5-3 to 3-4, respectively. JV’s records are 4-4 to 1-2. Freshmen are 3-3 and 2-4. Five games remain in the season for both teams, not including playoffs.

“Lions aren’t the kings of the jungle anymore,” Heard boasted.

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