SPD Is Moving to a Classroom Near You

By Miya Murata, Clarion Staff

The Criminal Justice Academy, also known as SPD (The Sacramento Police Department) is moving out from its current location in the E wing to a newfacility in the B wing to make room for engineering expansions. SPD has been in the E wing ever since the program was first started at Kennedy in 1990 in partnership with the Sacramento Police Department.

Chris Herner, the director of Criminal Justice Academy, checks out the new digs for the program.

SPD’s new facility will consist of a cadet classroom in B-10 and a weight room in B-11. Future plans include a Force Option Simulator and driving simulators as part of a permanent scenario room in B-17 to help train cadets in the hands-on portions of law enforcement.

SPD is a four-year magnet academy that includes a-g high school course requirements plus special training in the field of law enforcement. Some benefits for students include a college counselor, SAT prep, resume training, community service, scholarships, and opportunities to explore careers within the field of criminal justice.

SPD’s over 120 cadets are in a family friendly environment that fosters close relationships between their fellow cadets and also their teachers.

“Joining SPD has made me confident with people and a better person,” said Yer Vang, a junior, who is in her 3rd year with SPD and loves the field trips. Juniors in the program take a field trip to Los Angeles annually. Other field trips include a rope course, paintballing, and colleges. Many SPD cadets go to college, while some go into military or trade schools.

The program’s instructor is Mr. Herner, who has been the lead instructor for SPD for 9 years.


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