Way Back Machine – 50 Years Ago

February 16, 1968

Volume 1 No. 4

By Sophia O’Neal, Clarion Staff


Senator Kennedy Invited to Dedication

The Kennedy student body and faculty came together to celebrate the one year anniversary of the school’s dedication, May 26th. The date came shortly before the birthday of late president and school namesake, John F. Kennedy. The Native Daughters of California organization headed the ceremonies, with Lt. Commander T. M. Robinson U.S.N.R. and Sen. Robert Kennedy invited to speak to students. Robinson did attend the festivities, however Kennedy did not visit the campus due to being on the campaign trail. Robert Kennedy was the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, yet was unfortunately assassinated shortly after the school’s anniversary on June 6, 1968.

Kennedy Clarion, Volume 1 No. 4, February 16, 1968

Students Lock Themselves Out

Kennedy had a serious problem with vandalism in the bathrooms, and stolen property on campus. The response by administrators to the vandalism and theft was to lock the bathrooms while classes were in session. “What you should not do is leave your personal property in the open noticeable to everyone… shouldn’t tell anyone your locker combination because soon you will notice a diminishing supply of your books,” reported a Kennedy Clarion member in 1968. Over the past 50 years, little has changed with problems of vandalism and stolen property at Kennedy.

Girls P.E Allows Choice of Courses

Girls at Kennedy were now able to choose their own activities for physical education. Girls were offered activities like tennis, golf, gymnastics, hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball and archery. Dance 11 was modern dance instruction and composition. They offered acrobatics, and competitive swimming. Kennedy also offered a gym class for students who had a doctors note for “recommended exercise.” Kennedy physical education department at the time even hoped to offer classes for individual sports and leadership classes for girls.

McCampbell, Miller Give Conduct

The former school pride chairwoman, Margaret McCampbell, and current chairman, Jon Miller, at the Greenhaven Owners League Association on February 13, 1968. There were complaints about the students conduct around the neighborhood. This appearance was to help the homeowners and Kennedy students understand each other better and accept suggestions from both parties, more meetings were scheduled.

New Art Class Begins

1968 was the year when Kennedy got its first art class during third period. Their first assignment was for teams of students to create a functional, well-designed and constructed airfoil design.  The students of the new art class were essentially creating kites.

Support Needed for Issues

As the Clarion and yearbook developed in 1968 they needed advertisers to fund their publication efforts. The Clarion published every two weeks for the developing Kennedy, ”Not only do the advertisements add to the professional appearance of the publication, but equally important, they add to the treasuries that help support these publications.” They also wanted students to put there own advertising as well as help the local community get advertising in our community. The Clarion still is funded by student contributions and local businesses purchasing adds, and is still looking for assistance in raising funds.

Clarion Facts (1967-68)

Chief Editor: Tom Kees

Staff Advisor: Rodney Young

Principal: James A. Stivers

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