“Abrakadabra, Magic Club Gone?”

By DeeDee Lou Shanelle, Campus Visionary

At Kennedy, students with an interest in fooling an audience with optical illusions, sleight of hand, and clever card tricks, the Kennedy Magic Club was the place to be.

“Abrakadabra, Magic Club Gone?”

The club, which offered an environment for students to practice fooling an audience and the art of deception, however, has recently vanished without a trace. In the past, the club has been known to try more advanced tricks as a group, but never anything to this scale. The club advisor has similarly taken a leave of absence, making the situation even more suspicious. No one can quite say if this trick was intentional, another one of their skilled practices for an upcoming performance, or something more serious. The authorities have been notified, but it is still unsure what the course of action will be over the next couple of days. If no information on the missing students is brought forward, an official missing persons report will be filed for all members of the magic club.

Some believed that the disappearance may have been caused by the lack of funding from Food Fairs.

“Clubs vanishing because they have no money? Nonsense!” remarked district financial advisor May Kittup.



Photo caption

The club member casting the spell appeared to have vanished, but failed to vanish his/her effects. (photo by Sheriff Heliumball)



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