Senior Trip to Disney Cancelled, Replaced by Zoo

By Keir Joy, Happiness Consumer

Large school buses were also found to endanger the small animal life in Anaheim.

Unfortunately, this year, the senior trip to Disneyland has been canceled in lieu of a field trip to the zoo. Coming from a mix of educational and safety concerns, it was a shared feeling that the trip overall would be more worthwhile if it was changed to a local area, instead of the repetitive trip to the land of mouse ears.

With college approaching quickly for the seniors, many believed the zoo would be more educational than spending time at Disneyland, as they get to see actual live creatures rather than talking, bipedal animal costumes. Some hope this trip will become a regular occurrence for Kennedy and have even considered asking to add the zoo to the list of field trips the school offers for all grades.

Additionally, there has been a new district policy enacted that requires all field trips to be educational. Wanting to ensure that students got the most out of their high school career, it was decided to enforce these new policies on field trips to teach the students. Due to Disneyland being a trip focused on fun and entertainment, the district felt that it needed to be changed. Livia Toitle, a senior, stated, “I’d rather have a strong foundation for when I leave for college and I can get that by going to the zoo.”

This trip would also better offer them a chance to relive their childhoods at a cheaper cost. The zoo had been such a strong focal point in the youth of numerous seniors. Furthermore, the trip’s cost also was just too much and the school was not able to pay for everything despite efforts made by seniors. It was not noticed until recently that more money had been spent on Senior Ball then intended. This left the school with less money to pay for the other expenses regarding senior activities.

As for safety, a bus recently had went over a ravine on the way to Disneyland. Discussions have arose to figure out what was going to happen to Kennedy’s senior trip with this new information. Administration has agreed that a trip to the zoo would be safer as there would be no freeway travel and it would be close to home. “I definitely feel a lot safer going to the zoo rather than somewhere a lot farther,” said senior Leeanna Laing.

With all these effects, it has been finalized that Kennedy’s seniors will be going to the zoo for their senior trip. Though most agree on the location change, there will be most likely some dissent to this sudden adjustment.

Rina Kim, a Kennedy parent, added, “I planned to take the whole family along since I was chaperoning, but I guess I could take them to the zoo.”


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