Laura Brings Athletes Back to Their Feet

By Karissa Jones, Clarion Staff

Kennedy’s new athletic trainer, Laura Jassowski, has been adjusting well after her first quarter dealing with a plethora of sports injuries like sprains, concussions, and fractures. Throughout her months at Kennedy, she has demonstrated her determination to do anything in her power to athletes back on their feet as soon as possible.

Laura Jassowski, Kennedy’s resident athletic trainer takes a break between bone breaks and muscle pulls. (Clarion photo by Karissa Jones)

She is always seen carrying her large bag full of athletic goodies that have a range for any injury whether for a simple sprain or a broken bone, and goes to every on-campus game ready to lend a helping hand. An athletic trainer provides physical medicine and rehabilitation services, diagnoses, treats and rehabilitates injuries (acute and chronic), coordinates care with physicians and other allied health professionals, work in schools, colleges, professional sports, clinics, hospitals, corporations, industry, and the military.

Many athletes know about Laura’s “room of doom” where all athletes never want to be, where Laura assess athletes and delivers their fate. However, the room’s visitors are lucky to have an athletic trainer to help guide everyone no matter what the turnout of the injury. She always stays calm and keeps a positive attitude giving her a connection with all.

“My favorite part of being at Kennedy is the athletes who come through my facility. I love being able to not only help a student athlete and return them to play, but also build a relationship with them. I love it when I have students stop by just to say hi—it always brightens my day.”

“She is very thorough when doing her checkups, physical therapy, and recovery. When I’m hurt or when I see her helping other people who are hurt she is very nurturing. She was extremely friendly when helping me through my injuries and I am so grateful for her being here,” said Maia Campos, a sophomore.

In Laura’s early days as a gymnast, she hit a career ending injury that made her realize what she truly wanted to be. While vaulting at a gymnastics competition, she suffered a series of ankle injuries after a bad landing “I have always been a lifelong athlete…Following the injury, I didn’t have access to someone who could help me rehabilitate the injury properly.” Laura felt that being someone to help athletes was very important to her, “and as a result I realized I could be that someone for other athletes and help them continue to complete in the sport they love.”

Laura’s qualifications and prior experiences cover a wide array of school been an athletic trainer for many other high schools and colleges before coming to Kennedy. She has a masters in Science in Athletic Training and has managed a series of sports at Plymouth State University along with New Hampton High School and Elk Grove High School. Lucky for our athletes, Laura is very equipped with all the necessities to make sure all athletes are eligible to get the proper care they need. ”Working at Kennedy has been wonderful. The coaches are very supportive and always send their hurt athletes my way. The level of support they give is hard to come by and makes my job easier when we can work as a team to help the student athletes.”

Laura Jassowski, Kennedy’s resident athletic trainer takes a break between bone breaks and muscle pulls.

Clarion photo by Karissa Jones

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