Prom Prices Vary Across the Region

By Adrianna Iorio, Clarion Staff

Prom is known to be quite pricey. With dresses, corsages, and shoes everything accumulates to a pretty high number. However, John F. Kennedy’s price seemed extraordinarily high which prompted Clarion members to further look into other high school prices.

Graphic art by Saeri Plagmann

(Prices used include data from 2016-2018. This research includes both senior as well as junior proms. Prices may change depending on year, funding, and overall venue.)

The highest prices include John F. Kennedy, River City, Florin and Davis high school with an overall price range of $75 to $85. This contrasts with the lower prices offered by McClatchy, Oakmont, and Rosemont High, with a price range of $30 to $35, which is over half off the price Kennedy charges. However, the question that remains is if these proms are worth their lower or higher prices.

At Kennedy’s junior prom was held at the Elk’s Tower Event Center. At the dance, snacks were provided, but may be considered cheap for the amount of money students were paying. Snacks provided included rice crispy treats and candy were present but ran out quite quickly, which many students note occurred in previous years. Other little things were free as well such as water, soda, and photo booth pictures, but with the amount of time and money that goes into prom itself students still feel their ticket was not worth what they received. Many students wish things such as dinner were included, and thought the professional photos that were taken were over priced.

“Even though the dance was nice everything it is not fair other high schools get to pay $40 for their prom when were paying around $75 and up for tickets. People are also paying for limos and dinner so it is just a ton of money coming from students and parents,” student G’Angelo Lopez, a junior said.

Despite this, other students disagree feeling that the experience was worth the amount of money they paid.

“I think it was worth it- the amount of time student government put into making sure there were snacks, renting out a place, making sure it looked nice, and having the photo booth,” Lindsey Dea, another junior told the Clarion. “I understand it also raises money for the school too so I would say it was pretty worth it.”

However, many students still wonder what the reasoning behind the high pricing is. According to junior Jake Estigoy, the ASB Secretary in student government, the ways student government classes and student clubs could fundraise were greatly reduced this year. Due to a lack of food fairs as well as after school fundraisers, the main source of funding was lost. In addition, the venue that the junior class chose was relatively pricey, and in order to make a profit from the dance, the ticket prices were set slightly higher. However, the Clarion found that the $75 price is the same as last year’s prom.

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