Club Highlight: Stitching The Community Quilt

By Desiree Leong, Clarion Staff

Lilu Club
Lilu Club members (L to R) Lisa Kim, Kimberly Landeck, Sarina Lin, Leeann Lee, Emily Sperring, Olivia Chan, Desi Leong, and Elizabeth Sperring.

The LiLu club, named after Mira Loma High School founders Libby and Lucy in 2000, has been around for seventeen years now. Since then, the club leadership has passed through various schools in the Sacramento area. Throughout the year, the group meets to sew bags. Since 2001, the club has held yearly auctions to sell those bags they made and donate the money to charity.

Each auction consists of the club members modeling the bags and then a silent auction for those bags. Some of the handmade bags are sold for a preset value. At this year’s auction, LiLu raised about $750 for Sierra Forever Families, who will use the money to provide support for foster care children.

The club’s president has been Elizabeth Sperring, a senior at Christian Brothers High School, for the last two years. As of this year, the new president will be Sarina Lin, a junior at Kennedy who has been involved with LiLu for the last three years.

“It’s not one of those clubs where you have to go to every meeting and sign up, but it’s a club where I could hang out with my friends and sew at the same time. It’s also a club you can really enjoy because you get to make your own bags and designs,” Lin says.

LiLu’s meetings are extremely laid-back, with all of the members talking and having fun as they sew. They help each other both with technical problems and in designing. Everyone there is open to new ideas and welcomes newcomers.

Member Leeann Lee, a junior at Kennedy adds, “I was relatively skeptical going into LiLu and upon realizing how fun LiLu truly is, I really came to love the purpose of the club. LiLu has helped me in the realization that pursuing an area of volunteering in which someone truly enjoys is incandescently wonderful.”

Though the club is small, it has thrived on donations from the community as well as from the annual auction. Many of the fabrics used by the club have been donated by the diverse people within the community.

For new members, Lin states, “Even if you’re a beginner, the members could teach you to sew. You should be excited and looking forward to the club. You have to be willing to work and you can’t really slack off.” LiLu will be starting in September for the next school year. They normally meet on the first and third Saturday of each month, running from about 1:30-5:00 p.m.. Those interested in joining, contact Sarina Lin.

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