Movie Review: Infinity War – To Infinity and Beyond

By Aryanna Zavala, Copy Editor

A roller coaster is the perfect way to describe a viewer’s feelings when watching the newest installment of the Avengers Franchise, Infinity War. The film was released in the United States on April 27, 2018, a week before its initial release, May 4th. It was predicted to make $245 million in its opening weekend, but it exceeded expectations, making $257,698,183. The film was highly anticipated by fans all over the globe, with tickets being sold out months in advance. Infinity War begins where the movie Thor: Ragnarok leaves off, and the audience formally gets introduced to Thanos, the villain that Marvel has been building up to in the last 10 years. The Avengers unite after their civil war in the previous avengers film, to fight Thanos and collect all six Infinity Stones. Thanos plans to use the stones to create chaos and change reality to his liking. The fate of the world and existence itself rests on the shoulders of the Avengers.

This giant film has been in the making for Marvel for the last 10 years. The film brought together all the loved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with the exception of a few. Some characters were absent from the film, although directors Anthony and Joseph Russo claim that the characters will be present in the second film. Fans were furious that some of the characters were excluded from this first film but after watching it, they understood why the Russo brothers did what they did.

According to Collider, an entertainment website and youtube channel,  “The film’s greatest strength—putting most of its characters into one movie—also ends up being its greatest weakness.” The film attempted to give all the characters screen time but it felt like no one got enough of it. A film’s purpose is to further develop character growth and/or life lessons. Growth and development of the characters remained static in the film.

It was entertaining to see all of the characters interacting with one another, something that would not happen in their individual films. Watching it there was this feeling that something was missing and it was the fact that it lacked in its plot line. Don’t get me wrong, the film was good and exciting for fans to see all their favorite superheroes in one film but it lacked in plot. The film had its villian and the heroes fighting, but the scene cuts resulted in the characters not getting enough screen time.

Overall, it was a great film. Fans have been waiting years to see what Marvel would do and how they would present the characters. It had humor, although at times they missed opportunities to make jokes. There were also many emotional scenes that pulled on the audience’s heart strings (if you have watched it, you know). The character that stood out the most in his performance was Tom Holland as Spider-man; his last scene in the film was so impactful and was the most talked about scene due to how emotional it was.

Infinity War has not only made an impact on fans but also the box office. The film has surpassed past placeholders, Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($248 million domestically) and The Fate of the Furious ($541 million globally), in the top spot in opening weekend. The film was released in China on May 12th, China is the biggest international box office, which was estimated to bring in $100 million. It exceeded the expectation, bringing in $200 million, which pushed the film up to top five most watched films in the world. The film has broken many records and it continues to remain in first place in the box office. Whether you agree with my opinion or oppose it, there is no denying that Infinity War is worth watching and that it is dominating the box offices.

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