Road to Success: Softball Team on Their Way to Championship

By Eddie Rodrigues, Sports Editor

Caitlyn Evans (12) unleashes a mighty swing and drives the ball through the left side of the infield for a single.  (Clarion photo by Sarif Morningstar)

Kennedy’s 2018 softball season was an adventure for everyone on the team. Coach Caitlyn Seymour led the team to a 15-9 record and 12-2 in their league. They won their last conference game against Metro League rival Burbank by a crushing score of 21-1. After a very successful season where they beat rival McClatchy by 7-2 and Elk Grove’s Laguna Creek by 2-0, they finished second in Metro.

Coach Seymour boasted, “One of our strengths was our ability to cheer very loudly. This team also has a very strong bond and even though not everyone played a whole lot, everyone supported the team goals and vision. Another big strength was our pitcher Lindsay, who led the league in strikeouts for most of the season! Lastly, we were consistent hitters. Most of the teams’ batting average sits above .300 which is huge in games against good teams!”

The game of softball requires very strong bonds and dedication, along with teamwork. Seymour states, “Other highlights included seeing the improvement in the girls from the beginning of the season to the end.” They grew over that time and can now go try and bring a championship back to Kennedy.

Star player Caitlyn Evans, a senior, says, “This season was definitely one to remember and I was very happy with the outcome. [My] best memory would have to be beating McClatchy on their senior night.” The win against McClatchy sounded like a good one, and we hope to have many more against our storied rivals.

We all hope to see much more success from the Lady Cougars team in the present and future, and it will be fun to witness their accomplishments and accolades they bring to the school in the next few seasons.

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